Healthcare Technology Management

The device is a lifeline; we support its lifetime.

Your medical devices save lives — and they have lives. Proactive equipment maintenance can extend the life of your device, keep your devices safe and operational, improve patient care and reduce costs over time.

All of our services fall under our quality management system.


Clinical Engineering

Supplemental Staffing and Consulting

Repair, maintenance and certification.

We’ll work the way you need to work, providing tailored preventative maintenance and repair programs for any of the following:

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We keep your equipment optimized for its entire lifetime.

Our clinical engineering teams ensure optimal medical equipment performance and regulatory compliance with OEM and industry standards.
  • You get certified, trained biomedical field service technicians
  • You’re assured compliance with all manufacturer and industry standards
  • You have access to one of the largest inventories of parts in the western US, spanning a wide variety of manufacturers
  • Your devices will be fully documented for compliance with federal, state and local regulatory and accrediting agencies including The Joint Commission (TJC), CMS, DNV, AAASC, AAMI, ANSI, HCFA, CAP and others

Everything from on-demand services to full coverage service contracts, we have you covered.


On-demand clinical engineering resources when you need them most.

Who are the people who do all this work? Our people. Unbiased, working agnostically the way you need to work. They’re the best in the business. And not just according to us — our engineers have been routinely trusted by top OEMs for decades.
  • Our technicians have an average tenure of ten years
  • They’re certified in medical equipment management, sterilization, preventative maintenance and complex repairs
  • We’re reachable 24/7 and can be on-site within hours, guaranteed

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