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Healthcare Technology Management: Clinical engineering teams are the lifeblood that keep patients safe
Security Solutions: Design and implementation of enterprise security management systems
IoMT Medical Device Cybersecurity: Leverage your medical device data to maximize security

Healthcare Technology Management

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Security Systems and Services

The problems we take on will actually go away. Promise.

So whether we’re applying technology to a security problem or making sure your technology is secure, in the end, we want you to have the same feeling a business does when we’ve done our job — nice and calm. Zero excitement.

“If you need a hard job done in a way that makes you and your team feel secure with the process and the outcome, you won’t find better than our team.” – Kirsten Benefiel, HSS CEO

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Keeping the excitement out of security since 1967.

HSS has over 50 years of experience providing a variety of security services in high-risk environments. Over the years, we have evolved. We continue to innovate to provide unparalleled service in security operations and clinical engineering.

General biomedical equipment • Sterilizer, surgery suite, anesthesia and imaging equipment • Specialized laboratory and laser services • Environmental health and safety • Emergency management consulting • Service Agreement Value Review (SAVR) • Workflow start-up consulting • IoMT Cybersecurity Specialist • Extensive parts inventory – options for new, aftermarket and certified used parts

Our passion is to provide complete and customized medical equipment management solutions to meet your unique clinical needs.

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