Double your money, guaranteed. It’s not even close to a gamble.

Maybe it’s due to Our Agnostic Process or years of experience that we’ve become so good at helping hospitals save money on managing their Vendor Service Agreements.

Since 1994, our Service Agreement Value Review program (or SAVR) has helped hospitals ranging in size and operational budget, put an end to wasteful spending. In fact, we guarantee a $2 savings for every $1 you put into the program.

The SAVR program is robust — you’ll be able to go beyond simple price comparisons through our evaluation of service fit and invoice auditing, allowing you to:

  • Save staff time and increase uptime
  • Gain greater utilization
  • Customize your equipment service and risk level to what you truly need – right service, right price
  • Increase staff productivity, allowing your people to return to their primary focus – providing phenomenal patient care
  • Hold manufacturers and vendors accountable
  • Control operating costs
  • Be in the driver’s seat when negotiating future contracts

For more information about the SAVR program and your chance to get a 2-to-1 return on your money, Contact us.

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