Supplemental Staffing and Consulting

We work the way you need.

Our Agnostic Process means that we’ll work the way you need us to — if you want a contract, we’ll sign a fair one. If you’d rather take things as they come, that’s fine too. If you want us to devote our own people to your needs — you’ve got it. Want us to get things set up and have your people take it from there? Totally fair. Or, any combination.


Supplemental Staffing and Temporary Support

We have flexible staffing solutions to meet both short- and long-term needs.
From catching up on overdue PMs and repairs to helping you start a new surgery center or clinic, we have you covered year-round. Many industry-leading OEMs count on HSS to help achieve their equipment service commitments.

Supplemental staffing support is available for the following equipment types:

  • General biomed and patient care
  • Sterilization and decontamination
  • Surgical suite, including tables, lights and booms
  • Select imaging devices and injectors
  • Anesthesia and ventilators

Save $2 for every $1 with our vendor management program.

Manage all your contracts with our Service Agreement Value Review (SAVR) program.

As an independent service organization, our technical expertise spans thousands of different manufacturers and models of medical devices. You can trust us to deliver unbiased, objective recommendations when it comes time to create or change your service strategies or plan for capital equipment purchases.

HSS has been reviewing service agreements since 1994. Designed for small and midsize hospitals, our SAVR program will help you identify – and end – wasteful spending. SAVR service includes:

  • Large database of benchmark pricing from service providers to allow for data-driven decision making
  • Billing forensics to catch and correct billing errors
  • Assistance with regulatory record-keeping and historical information
  • Involvement of your staff to determine departmental needs
  • Support for contract negotiations, including terminations

Check out our SAVR case study


Inventory Management

Successful healthcare technology programs rely on the accuracy of device inventory.

Our data-driven inventory management solutions can assist your organization and departments in the following areas:

  • Inventory and inspections for recent equipment purchases
  • Periodic comprehensive inventory sweep to verify relevant device information (OEM, Model, SN, Location, etc.)
  • Cleanup of existing inventory lists in your own CMMS or inventory database
  • Review and verification of suggested preventative maintenance schedules
  • Verification of asset location and categorization
  • Service strategy optimization using existing inventory data
  • Assistance with equipment lifecycle ad capital planning

We can support you with new startups, departmental expansions or preparation for an upcoming regulatory inspection.


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