We can do it all. But it’s never “all or nothing.”

Yes, we offer all the innovation you need — all along the way. But Our Agnostic Process means, we work the way you want.

Design and Engineering.

We don’t think solving your problems should be hard or intimidating — in fact, just the opposite: simple and understandable. That starts here, in the beginning. What’s the system need to do? What are the concerns of the people who’ll be responsible for it? What are the needs of those being served?


The purpose of the system dictates how it should be installed — should it be discreet or a visual deterrent? How complex is it? IP-based video management with advanced analytics, fully-integrated video and access control platform, duress mass notification? Emergency communication devices and phones? We’ve seen and done it all.


You can take it from here — or we can. An HSS Security Operations Center is an optional extra layer of confidence. And maybe it makes sense to have the people who built it, run it. But that’s completely up to you.

Keeping the excitement out of security since 1967.

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