Our Agnostic Process

The way we work the way you need.

We’ve made a business decision based on a hypothesis — when you don’t lock customers into “your way” of doing things, your business actually does better.

Yes, we know it’s common sense. But industry and common sense don’t always intersect.

This is Our Agnostic Process.

  • We’ll work the way you need us to — if you want a contract, we’ll sign a fair one. If you’d rather take things as they come, that’s fine too.
  • If you want us to devote our own people to your needs — you’ve got it. Want us to get things set up and have your people take it from there? Totally fair. Or, any combination.
  • Same goes for anything physical you buy from us — you’re never locked in — it’s yours, to reconfigure how you like, to change the software if you like. Whatever you like.

To find out more about this rather exclusive (and rather extraordinary if you ask our customers) way of doing business, Contact us.

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