We guarantee it’s better. Starting with the fact, we guarantee it.

Refurbished equipment can save you up to half the cost of purchasing new from the OEM. With HSS, those savings are multiplied through a process we’ll put up against absolutely anyone in the industry, that results in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality and performance standards and an unrivaled warranty.

The equipment we offer.

  • All types, sizes and configurations of Sterile Processing Equipment
  • Sterilizers, autoclaves, washers and ultrasonics
  • Refurbished load carts, transfer carriages, steam generators
  • A wide range of parts

The process we follow.

Nothing we do is ever only about saving money — there’s always an upside. Our 16-step process, which results in an unrivaled warranty, has been leading the industry for more than 20 years and offers the upside of an assurance — your refurbished equipment will operate like brand new, no question.

We’re happy to provide all the details on our refurbishment process, which includes these three major steps:

  • Receive, qualify, disassemble; clean all components and controls
  • Replace, re-plumb, paint, polish, reassemble
  • Electrical wiring, certification, validation, final testing

If you’d like more detail, download our Data Sheet or Contact us.


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