Let’s face it; healthcare cybersecurity has been hiding in the shadows. But here comes the light.

We’re guessing you don’t need a regurgitation of the statistics.

The $millions, the $billions. We know you know medical device threats are real and costly.

We also don’t feel the need to berate you — after all, if there was a solution, you’d have already acted.

Guess what. There’s a solution. It’s called Spotlight. It’s only from HSS. And while we’re sure you’re familiar with the term, “medical miracle,” this may well be a medical technology miracle.

With Spotlight:


We’re able to quickly and easily create an inventory of all your devices. All.

Then, we determine the equipment at greatest risk and prioritize the need for remediation.

We implement to close the major gaps.

Next, we create a roadmap for ongoing patch implementation.

We monitor and assess major security threats for all devices in the catalog to respond quickly to cybersecurity risks.

So what’s the next best thing?

We do all we do, 100% agnostically. It doesn’t matter what company manufactured your devices — or what dozens of companies. We can handle it.

Then there’s the fact, our services are 100% modular. We’ll do what you need us to do — for instance, our team, or your team can apply the patches.

We work the way you need us to work, to be of the greatest benefit to you.

Like most technological innovations, Spotlight takes what was an enormous problem yesterday, and illuminates a solution.

We never forget all the things security means to you, your patients, your employees. And we never stop trying to keep the worry out of all those meanings.

Keeping the excitement out of security since 1967.

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