The device is a lifeline; we support its lifetime.

Your medical devices save lives — and they have lives. Over time, we’ve added capabilities and innovated technologies that combine and intersect to make the life of every device as safe, operational, predictable, secure and cost-effective as possible.

It’s what we do for the security of your enterprise.

This is how you benefit from the Medical Device Ecosystem.

  1. You know what inventory you really have, so you can really budget for maintenance and replacement via Inventory Management.
  2. You’re able to make sure all those devices are on the right maintenance schedule to ensure safety and lengthen useful life utilizing Physical Maintenance.
  3. You’re confident the digital security of every device is being maintained as well through our unique Security Management process.
  4. You have a line on like-new equipment when you take advantage of our Refurbished Device Program.
  5. Throughout all this, our Contract Management services pay you back 2-to-1, guaranteed.
  6. And all of our services fall under our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

It’s what we do for your sense of security.

You can choose us to help deliver one of these benefits, all of them — or anything in-between, knowing you’re never going to get locked in to cumbersome contracts. It’s Our Agnostic Process. And we might be the only company of our kind that works this way. You own devices from different manufacturers? No problem. You want our team to do part of the work while yours does the rest? That’s perfectly fine too.

The idea is, we’re betting you’d rather work with people who can do things the right way AND your way.

There’s never been a more robust way to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your medical devices. Keep reading or just Contact Us.

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