Looking for a team with unprecedented foresight? You’re getting warmer.

Crises don’t provide a ramping-up period. They just happen.

What we’ve been able to do with thermal cameras, nearly instantly, says a little something about how HSS can help you stay ahead.

By integrating these devices into new or existing installations, you can detect mask usage, prevent badge access due to a failed temperature check, alert medical staff of a needed intervention and more, all while allocating just the right amount of staff and keeping everyone safer.

Here are a few recent examples. In which of these cases do you see yourself and your team?

  • A professional sports team uses this technology for all players and guests at the facility. Proving to be highly effective in its first two months of operation.
  • The technology allowed an enterprise hospital system to reassign 30+ staff members from screening duty.
  • A school district is using bus-installed units to screen students as they load. The school nurse is notified of any elevated temperatures via cell network making it easy and efficient to provide follow-up care.

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